Who We Are


Waste and recycling is usually the last thing a busy operations manager wants to pay attention to. For us at Target Zero Waste Consulting, it’s our work and our passion. Can we be passionate about waste? You bet. Should you be passionate about waste and recycling? Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to be – that’s our job.

We know that when it comes to waste, organizations just want to get rid of it as easily as possible. Therefore, we work on behalf of organizations to create a waste and recycling program, manage waste disposal contracts, reduce waste, and wherever possible, divert current waste into recycling programs. Ultimately, this means the environment benefits from fewer materials in landfills and more materials being repurposed and recycled.

Target Zero Waste Consulting is an independent consultancy based in British Columbia. Please contact us at info@targetzerowaste.com or (604) 688-7024.

Why we’re passionate about our work:

  • We save our clients money.
    • We have a 100% success rate on saving our clients money when they implement our recommendations.
    • Our clients save on waste haulage costs when they hire us to manage waste disposal contracts and services.
    • We arrange for the right equipment to be delivered, installed and maintained at your location. The right equipment means your waste will be managed efficiently, which means less haulage costs.
  • We help our clients produce less waste.
    • We use the right equipment to compact waste, so there’s less bulk to throw away, which means less haulage costs.
    • We divert garbage from current waste into recycling programs.
    • We find ways, where possible, for our clients to make money from recyclable materials.