To help you spend less time on waste and more time on your business, we negotiate and manage contracts for handling your waste and recyclables, either for an ongoing program or to meet temporary needs that you may have.

  • Collaboration with architects and community planners
  • Contract bids, negotiations, and renewals with suppliers
  • Audit and assessment of waste and recycling programs
  • Invoice review and analysis
  • Monthly efficiency reports and recommendations
  • Employee education on changes to your waste and recycling program and equipment


Equipment and Supplies:

The right equipment and supplies can make all the difference in driving down your costs and increasing your revenue.

  • Compactors and balers (sales, rentals, leasing, and maintenance packages)
  • Recycling and composting containers, baling wire, and compostable bags


Materials and Products:

Dealing with materials and products in ways that maximize your revenue and minimize costs is our expertise. We recommend and implement smart solutions to handle:

  • Solid and liquid waste
  • Organics
  • Revenue-generating recyclables: paper, cardboard, plastics, and metals
  • Non-revenue generating recyclables:
    • liquid and solid organics, wood,
    • light bulbs and fluorescent tubes,
    • Batteries, electronics
    • Hazardous waste products
    • Destruction of outdated packaged products