If your company wants us to manage an entire waste management program, we can be your one-stop solution. Or if your company wants us to manage some – but not all – elements, we can do that too.

Plan and Consult:

We consult with appropriate stakeholders to ensure that our solution works for you in the long term. We plan for future developments, such as Metro Vancouver’s ban on organics in 2015, we work with planners and architects to design waste management facilities that maximize efficiency yet reduce square footage, and we minimize your company’s environmental footprint.


We conduct an audit of your current waste and recycling program and disposal practices. We review all contracts and invoices to determine if hauling and disposal costs can be minimized, and if revenue on your recyclables can be further maximized. We also assess your methods of handling waste and recyclables in order to determine whether product treated as waste can, in fact, be recycled or composted.


Armed with the knowledge about your current practices, we develop a plan that focuses on ways your company can reduce costs associated with hauling and disposing solid or liquid waste. Where appropriate, we develop ways in which you may create new revenue streams by recycling materials currently considered to be waste. Our plan recommendations may include new suppliers, new or different equipment (such as compactors or balers), or new recycling or waste business practices.


When necessary, we source new suppliers, new equipment, and implement new programs on your behalf. We oversee equipment installation and handle all liaisons with suppliers. We also may recommend improvements to your systems that are already in place.


We manage your waste and recycling program on an ongoing basis so you don’t have to. Instead of dealing with waste, you can focus on running your business. We review monthly invoices to ensure accuracy and seek further cost-saving measures. We provide detailed monthly efficiency reports that highlight costs incurred and revenue generated, and may also offer recommendations on how to further reduce costs.